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Having been in the Financial Services business and part of the family at Financial Independence Group since 2003, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. I have seen everything from: silver bullet marketing programs to the best product you’ve ever seen, and even witnessed other IMOs enter and leave the business almost overnight. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.


Financial Independence Group has been around for almost 40 years, and over that time we’ve always done what works; work. We’ve learned there is no shortcut or secret recipe for success in this business. That core belief along with the common core values shared by our advisors is what has made us one of the top IMOs in the business year after year.


I promise that given the opportunity, you will recognize that my services and the values of Financial Independence Group are impossible to duplicate.


Upcoming Events

      June 26-27, Thrive University with Curtis Cloke – New York, NY
      July 31-Aug 1, Elevate U: Fross/Bucher/Brogan – Orlando, FL
      August 8-9, Thrive University with Curtis Cloke – Burlington,IA
      September 23-30, FIG Incentive Trip to Prague
      October 22-24, Basecamp – Phoenix, AZ
      October 30-31, Thrive University with Curtis Cloke – Burlington,IA
    November 3-4, Elevate U: Berry – Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Services

It is the goal of our team to provide services to your practice that will help you excel in all areas and break down any barriers you may come across.


  • practice management
  • custom case design
  • marketing design
  • practice technologies

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Our team

Walker and his team are able to assist you and your staff by providing automated support on new business, contracting, and marketing requests as well as one-on-one support…


Walker Ham
Walker Ham

Candice Kirby
Candice Kirby

Jessie Fife
Jessie Fife

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