Why 97% of Advisors DON’T Get Referrals from CPAs

Forming an alliance with a CPA is probably the most sought after yet misunderstood business strategy in the entire financial industry.  CPA referrals are often looked at as the Holy Grail of new business for financial advisors.  While it makes perfect logic sense to create alliances with CPAs, in reality most advisors fail at creating successful alliances.


In a recent paper from Brandon Stuerke, creator of Winning with CPAs, we take a look at why the methods most advisors take at establishing alliances fail, and how you can become part of the 3% that creates successful alliances.  Brandon’s proven methods and techniques will allow you to go beyond just CPAs as I’ve had advisors establish similar alliances with P&C agencies as well as Estate Planning Attorneys.


Visit Brandon’s site to download this free report and become a different advisor from the rest of the herd. Click Here



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